Aseptic Packaging Solutions

Aseptic packaging for fresh products

Increased demands from consumers and retail outlets require products which offer extended shelf life (ESL), while at the same time maintaining freshness.
The growth of markets requires the distribution of products over ever increasing distances, so that continuous refrigeration cannot always be guaranteed. Furthermore, legislators have imposed product liability laws, which make it essential to develop the highest packaging standards for quality assurance. These factors affect fresh products such as dairy products, fruit drinks, desserts, baby food, soups, sauces, cooking fats and delicatessen salads. To achieve extended shelf-life, they have to be bottled or filled under hygienically perfect conditions.

We offer the following specific procedures for active sterilization of the packaging material, depending on the material concerned:

  • Dry heat: infrared
  • Radiation: ultra-violet light
  • Moist heat: saturated steam
  • Chemical: hydrogen peroxide

For pre-sterilization of the filling systems together with the filling and sealing area we offer chemical and thermal methods. To sustain sterility of the sterile zone within the packaging machine, we offer the following sterilization methods:

  • Sterile tunnel to create a sterile filling zone within the machine
  • Over pressurized sterile air

Thanks to the availability of the above procedures, the Group can offer aseptic packaging solutions that meet all international hygiene standards (e.g. FDA, 3A, EHEDG, VDMA, DIN pre-standards).
The individual procedures are offered by the following brands

  • Erca
  • Gasti
  • Hamba
  • Hassia

and can be adapted to your specific requirements.