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In addition to the standard technology for filling and sealing thermoformed cups, Erca has developed an open mould form fill and seal system that offers new options for innovative thermoformed shapes, with or without labelling.

Ongoing technological development focuses on the reduction of scrap waste material and easier  recycling, which leads to remarkable cost advantages regarding material, transportation and storage.

Erca can assist in the design of new packages. Research and design of innovative new cup shapes are simulated in a 3D.

  • Savings in packaging materials due to the Erca plastic stretching device (reduction of the plastic bottom web thickness in the unused thermoforming areas
  • Reduction of wasted lid material due to lid die-cutting and lid pick and place system
  • Highest levels of hygiene
  • Minimized working floor space requirements due to compact machine design
  • A wide range of possible applications, packaging shapes and materials
  • Multipacks of 2, 4, 6, etc. cups
  • State of the art labelling options for an attractive product presentation
Products Bowl cups Pedestal cups Bottles
Output FFS technology (units/h) 6.000 - 18.000 6.000 - 18.000 9.000 - 16.800
Output thermoforming technology (units/h) 12.000 - 36.000 12.000 - 36.000 18.000 - 33.600

All EF open mould  machines allow products to be filled  at different hygiene levels (clean, ultra clean and aseptic). Erca machines can be equipped with labelling systems, such as a wrap around or spotside labels.


  • All types of yogurt
  • Cream spreads
  • Jellies and jams
  • Juices, water
  • Butter, margarine
  • Sauces
  • Fruit salads


The Erca Combi system offers a highly cost-effective,  in-line solution for small bottles (80 to 150ml). The compact machine has two Open Mould thermoforming stations. Bottles are directly transferred to a high speed fill and seal machine.
Filling and labelling options (same as standard EF machines)